Friday, November 6, 2015


At some point in my life I made a decision to commit my life to God. I'm pretty sure  this took place in a holy temple where I made a covenant to consecrate my life to Him; although informally, I believe it happened much earlier than that day. In my faith, we believe in prophets and apostles, as in the New Testament days of Jesus Christ. God's will is known among men as it is addressed through His chosen prophets. I also believe in ancient prophets and words of scripture, "whether it be from God's voice or His servants, it is the same." I believe that to be true.

I realize my beliefs are vastly different from general public opinion. But through personal experience and exercising faith in my beliefs, they are, nonetheless, what I have come to know as truth. Because of this, when our prophet speaks, I listen. I have my own opinions, I can't help that, I happen to be very opinionated. I don't always see things the same, at first. But in the grand scheme of things, my opinion hardly matters. You see, I believe in a prophet of God, Thomas Monson. And that belief encompasses the truth that God communicates to His children through Thomas Monson. Who am I to weigh my opinion against God's? Who am I to throw a temper tantrum and say, enough is enough, this is wrong! Who am I to think He just doesn't know what it's like. Who am I to think I know best?

We live in a time period where it is no longer believed to be sound-minded to turn to a higher power for revealed Truth. I recognize this. But now, more than ever, is when the voice of a Prophet is needed. Thank goodness, I don't have to rely on my own understanding to receive guidance and counsel regarding how He operates His church. Do I have my opinions? Of course I do. I am not a robot who goes into auto-pilot mode thinking and feeling exactly the way I'm told to think and feel. Sometimes I don't understand. Sometimes I worry about the implications a decision may cause me and my family. I can be very defensive. Sometimes, I cringe at the thought of having to defend one more principle or practice that is contrary to what is popular or what is easily accepted by society. Marriage and family, these things seem to be universally accepted as important.  Prophets and apostles...people either assume you are crazy or a part of some cultish religion that will end in a mass suicide. You know you were thinking it...

Facebook is often reminding me that I have notifications in my newsfeed. But when I logged on this morning, and read all the opinions of others, I had an overwhelming feeling that none of their opinions really mattered either. It's great there is an outlet for people to vent, persuade and even convince. But to what end? Do any of us really know better than our neighbor, or the person who insists on being combative to our ideas or thoughts? To assume I have THE ultimate answer on any given subject is arrogant, yet ignorant. I certainly don't feel any opinion of mine contains that much relevance and importance to the vast population of the world or universe. But I do believe in an all-knowing God whose does.

Because I am LDS, I will not place my opinions or any others before God's word. I will accept His will and humble my heart as I trust in Him and sustain those who guide me. At the end of the day, I know He cares about my heart and even my opinion.  Because even though I know my opinion matters very little in the scheme of things, I know it matters to Him. And that matters to me. 

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Brett said...

So true. Especially on a day like today. I knew it was going to be rough when I open facebook and saw the number one trending topic nationally. I'm even more shocked to see half of the members of the church so quick to throw the Prophet/apostles under the bus when they just sustained them less than 30 days ago in conference.